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2 in 1 Bifold Wallet with Detachable MagSafe Wallet - Full-grain Leather

2 in 1 Bifold Wallet with Detachable MagSafe Wallet - Full-grain Leather

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Contents - The VECI Bifold Wallet includes (1) The Bifold Wallet and (2) A removable MagSafe Compatible Wallet. 

2-in-1 Design - VECI’s Modular design is convenient for every use case. You can carry just the MagSafe compatible section when you only need 2-3 cards. You can carry the entire wallet when you need more cards/bills.

Fits everything you need - The VECI Bifold + MagSafe wallet has 2 bill compartments and 8 total card slots (6 outer slots & 2 hidden slots). The MagSafe section alone fits up to 3 cards comfortably.

Built-in Magnets - The MagSafe Compatible Wallet incorporates high-strength magnets to attach to the Bifold Wallet or any MagSafe compatible device.

Magnetic Shielding - The wallet’s magnetic shield protects cards inside the wallet from magnetic damage.

Compact Size, High Quality Materials - The VECI Bifold Wallet is made with quality 100% genuine full grain leather, in a standard bifold wallet size. 

Disclaimer: The back of the detachable section is magnetic. Avoid close contact with magnetic stripe cards, passports, key fobs or any other items that are sensitive to magnetic fields as these may get damaged. Don’t worry! Your cards are shielded and safe from magnets inside the VECI wallet. 


✅ iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro Max

✅ Without a case

✅ With MagSafe Compatible Cases

✅ iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max

✅ Without a case

✅ With MagSafe Compatible Cases

✅ iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max

✅ Without a case

✅ With MagSafe Compatible Cases

ℹ️ iPhone 14 Pro (6.1”)

✅ Without a case

⚠️ Please note: Some MagSafe cases have too large of a camera bump. The VECI MagSafe wallet can still be used, however, this may cause the wallet to lift slightly.

ℹ️ iPhone 11 Series, XR, X/XS, XS Max, 8/SE

❌ Without a case

✅ Using VECI MagSafe Cases

❌ iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13 Mini

❌ iPhone 12 Mini & 13 Mini are too small to comfortably attach the MagSafe wallet to.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great Product

Exactly what I wanted to start using magsafe more frequently. The bifold part is just like any other wallet. The leather feels like good qualty but time will tell. The magsafe part fits 3 cards nicely and the magnets are as strong as most other magsafe wallets out there.

Adrian C.
Excellent Quality

The product is exactly as advertised. Works perfectly as a magsafe wallet and the magnets are quite strong.

VECI AirTag Wallets

The perfect combination of convenience and safety. 

Carry all your favorite cards with the peace of mind of knowing your wallet is trackable!

VECI MagSafe cases

VECI prides itself in one of the thinnest, lightest MagSafe compatible cases.

The magnet is so powerful yet so thin you'll think its magic!